Volunteer of the Year Award

This year the Scottish Schools' FA have made the decision to award the David Eccles Volunteer of the Year award to two very worthy candidates. Ronan Murray of Wallace High School and Ali Duncan who is based at Greenwood Academy.

Yesterday SSFA President Robert Allan visited Wallace High School to present Ronan Murray with his Volunteer of the Year award.

Mr Ronan Murray of Wallace High School , Stirling received his award of the SSFA David Eccles Volunteer of the Year Award at a short ceremony held in the school, on Monday 6th February, with a large pupil audience in attendance.

Mr Colin Burke, Head of PE at the school gave background information to pupils that David Eccles was a local teacher, well known and well regarded for his many years of voluntary work particularly with Forth Valley Schools’ FA and the Scottish Schools’ FA. Pupils in the audience indeed knew of his significant contribution prior to his unfortunate accidental death in 2021.

Mr Robert Allan, President of the SSFA gave a short and amusing speech explaining the reason behind Mr Murray’s nomination. His enthusiastic and energetic work at the school in numerous activities, in particular school football, his significant contribution to Forth Valley Schools’ FA with their representative teams. He highlighted that Mr Murray had assisted in coaching the Under 18 team to Scottish Cup success – defeating his own P&D team in the final. Mr Murray had also assisted the SSFA international boys team, making use of his Physiotherapy qualification at trials and games last season.

Mr Murray, on accepting the award, thanked his headteacher, Mr Pinnock, his working colleagues at Wallace High and Forth Valley SFA and of course the pupils with whom he shared his enthusiasm for sport. He knew and greatly respected David Eccles and also wished to mention his own PE teacher from his past, Mr Frankie Wilson – known to many in Scotland as the national team coach with Northern Ireland Schools’ FA.

The presentation concluded with a lengthy and loud round of applause for the worthy winner.