Senior National Trophy - 21-22

Group 1

Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Forth Valley, Fife, SISAFA

Aberdeenshire v Dundee – 10 October
Forth Valley v Fife – 10 October

Fife v Aberdeenshire – 5 November
Dundee v SISFA – 5 November

Aberdeenshire v SISFA – 22 November
Dundee v Forth Valley – 22 November

Forth Valley v Aberdeenshire – 23 December
SISAFA v Fife – 23 December

Fife v Dundee – 31 January 2022
SISFA v Forth Valley – 31 January 2022

Group 2

Glasgow, West Lothian, Paisley, Lanarkshire, Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries & Galloway v Glasgow – 10 October
West Lothian v Paisley – 10 October

West Lothian v Dumfries & Galloway – 5 November
Glasgow v Lanarkshire – 5 November

Lanarkshire v Dumfries & Galloway – 22 November
Paisley v Glasgow – 22 November

Dumfries & Galloway v Paisley – 23 December
Lanarkshire v West Lothian – 23 December

Glasgow v West Lothian  – 31 January 2022
Paisley v Lanarkshire – 31 January 2022

Semi Finals (By end of February 2022)

Winner of 1 v Runner up of 2
Winner of 2 v Runner up of 1

If any group game ends in a draw, a winner should be decided by a penalty shoot out

The  result of this shoot out will be used only in determination of the final group placings

All games should be played as close as possible to the date stated

Games should be played earlier where possible

Extensions will only be granted in extreme circumstances

Any extension must be agreed by the General Secretary

In the event of a tie for placings, sections will be decided as follows:

  1. Result between teams (including penalty shoot out where appropriate)
  2. Goal difference
  3. Goals scored

Results must be sent within 3 days by the home team to:

John C. Watson, General Secretary, SSFA, Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9AZ