SFA on-line workshop on Child Protection

As a service to those involved in youth age football, the Scottish FA has developed an on-line workshop on Child Protection matters within the context of football. While undertaking this workshop is mandatory for those involved with clubs it is not mandatory for teachers working with school children in a schools’ context because of the ongoing job-related Child Protection engagement. Nonetheless, the Scottish FA workshop would be a useful addition to the professional profile of any teacher and the Scottish Schools’ FA would wish to encourage teachers currently undertaking school football activities to consider participating in the on-line training as part of their Professional Development.

The Scottish FA on-line course is free, comprises five ten minute modules and can be accessed via the Scottish F.A. Football Admin. System by going to:


Please note that each individual needs to create an account if that has not already been done. Once logged into the system, the course can be found in coach education-courses-children’s wellbeing in Scottish football e-learning.

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