Senior Shield Winners


Date Winners
1904 Paisley Grammar
1905 Morrison’s Academy, Crieff
1906 Hutchison’s Grammar, Glasgow
1907 Hutchison’s Grammar, Glasgow
1908 Hutchison’s Grammar, Glasgow
1909 Allan Glen’s School, Glasgow


Date Winners
1910 Hamilton Academy
1911 Falkirk High School
1912 Whitehill Secondary School, Glasgow
1913 John Street Secondary School, Glasgow
1914 Clydebank High School
1915 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1916 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1917 Dumbarton Academy
1918 Queen’s Park Secondary School, Glasgow
1919 Hamilton Academy


Date Winners
1920 Hamilton Academy
1921 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1922 Allan Glen’s School, Glasgow
1923 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1924 Irvine Royal Academy
1925 Hamilton Academy
1926 Hamilton Academy
1927 St. Aloysius’ College, Glasgow
1928 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1929 Falkirk High School


Date Winners
1930 Hamilton Academy
1931 Greenock High School
1932 Clydebank High School
1933 Whitehill Secondary School, Glasgow
1934 Queen’s Park Secondary School, Glasgow
1935 Govan Secondary School, Glasgow
1936 Dalziel High School, Motherwell
1937 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1938 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1939 Dalziel High School, Motherwell


Date Winners
1940 Dalziel High School, Motherwell
1941 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1942 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1943 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1944 Dumbarton Academy
1945 Falkirk High School
1946 Falkirk High School
1947 Queen’s Park Secondary School, Glasgow
1948 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1949 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell


Date Winners
1950 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1951 Wishaw High School
1952 Hamilton Academy
1953 Irvine Royal Academy
1954 St. Gerard’s Secondary School, Glasgow
1955 Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow
1956 Dumfries Academy
1957 Not Awarded
1958 Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow
1959 Lanark Grammar School


Date Winners
1960 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1961 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1962 Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow
1963 Hamilton Academy
1964 Dalziel High School, Motherwell
1965 St. Patrick’s High School, Coatbridge
1966 Liberton Secondary School, Edinburgh
1967 Airdrie Academy
1968 Liberton Secondary School, Edinburgh
1969 Cumnock Academy


Date Winners
1970 Dalziel High School, Motherwell
1971 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
1972 Dalziel High School, Motherwell
1973 Holy Cross High School, Hamilton
1974 St. Patrick’s High School, Coatbridge
1975 Holy Cross High School, Hamilton
1976 Harris Academy, Dundee
1977 Holy Cross High School, Hamilton
1978 Ardrossan Academy
1979 St Roch’s Secondary School, Glasgow


Date Winners
1980 Coatbridge High School
1981 Dumfries Academy / Kirkcaldy High – joint winners
1982 Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow
1983 St Columba’s High School, Gourock
1984 Dumfries Academy
1985 St. Bride’s High School, East Kilbride
1986 Braidhurst High School, Motherwell
1987 Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow
1988 Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow
1989 Kyle Academy, Ayr


Date Winners
1990 St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
1991 Columba High School, Coatbridge
1992 Cardinal Newman High School, Bellshill
1993 Brannock High School, Newarthill
1994 Dingwall Academy
1995 Aberdeen Grammar School
1996 Lornshill Academy, Alloa
1997 Renfrew High School
1998 Larbert High School
1999 Uddingston Grammar School


Date Winners
2000 Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
2001 Perth High School
2002 St. Augustine’s High School, Edinburgh
2003 Craigmount High School, Edinburgh
2004 Johnstone High School
2005 Inverkeithing High School
2006 Knightswood Secondary School, Glasgow
2007 Knightswood Secondary School, Glasgow
2008 Our Lady’s High School, Cumbernauld
2009 Bishopbriggs Academy


Date Winners
2010 Largs Academy
2011 Larbert High School
2012 St. Mungo’s High School, Falkirk
2013 Bishopbriggs Academy
2014 St. Ambrose High School, Coatbridge
2015 Penicuik High School
2016 St. John’s High School, Dundee
2017 Braidhurst High School, Motherwell
2018 Cathkin High School
2019 St. John’s RC High School


Date Winners
2020 To be decided
2021 No competition – due to Coronavirus

Top School Winners

10St. Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow
8Hamilton Academy
8Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell
6Dalziel High School, Motherwell
4Falkirk High School
3Queen’s Park Secondary School, Glasgow
3Holy Cross High School, Hamilton
3Dumfries Academy *
3Hutchison’s Grammar, Glasgow
2Allan Glen’s School, Glasgow
2Whitehill Secondary School, Glasgow
2Dumbarton Academy
2Irvine Royal Academy
2Clydebank High School
2Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow
2Braidhurst High School, Motherwell
2St. Patrick’s High School, Coatbridge
2Liberton Secondary School, Edinburgh
2Larbert High School
2Knightswood Secondary School, Glasgow
2Bishopbriggs Academy
2St. John’s RC High School

* Joint Winners with Kirkcaldy High School