Senior Girls Shield 2018-19

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Page last updated 28 May 19

Teams qualifying for the following round are highlighted in red.

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1st Round  (by 27th October)

Eastwood HS v. Greenwood Ac. 1-0
Bannerman HS v. Renfrew HS 1-0
St.Andrew’s Sec. v. St.Peter the Apostle HS 0-1
Eastbank Ac. v. Kilmarnock Ac. 0-1
St.Ninian’s HS Giffnock v. Girvan Ac. 9-1
Largs Ac. v. St.Andrew’s Ac. 0-1
Park Mains HS v. St.Paul’s HS 0-1
Duncanrig Sec. v. Williamwood HS 0-1
Rothesay Ac. v. Notre Dame HS 1-3
Cardinal Newman HS v. Balfron HS 6-4
Lornshill Ac. v. Cumbernauld Ac. 9-2
Lasswade HS v. Boroughmuir HS 2-4
Denny HS v. Firrhill HS 1-0
George Heriot’s School v. Wallace HS 1-0
James Gillespie’s HS v. Broxburn Ac. 1-3
Linlithgow Ac. v. Penicuik HS 0-1
Preston Lodge HS v. Turnbull HS 0-9
Breadalbane Ac. v. St.Columba’s HS Dunfermline 2-8
Beath HS v. St.Paul’s Ac. 1-5
Monifieth HS v. St.John’s HS 0-1
Arbroath HS v. Glenrothes HS 0-1
Glenwood HS v. Webster’s HS 0-2
Inverkeithing HS v. Lochgelly HS 6-1
Nicolson Institute v. Cults Ac. 6-1
Fortrose Ac. v. Lochside Ac. 0-8
Banff Ac. v. Aboyne Ac. 1-0


2nd Round  (by 17th November)

Bannerman HS v. Williamwood HS 0-2
St.Paul’s HS v. Eastwood HS 5-9
St.Andrew’s Ac. v. Notre Dame HS 9-0
Clydebank HS v. Kilmarnock Ac. 9-1
St.Ninian’s HS Giffnock v. St.Peter the Apostle HS 0-2
Lornshill Ac. v. Boroughmuir HS 5-2
Denny HS v. St.Margaret’s Ac. 2-0
St.Mungo’s HS v. Turnbull HS 1-3
James Young HS v. Cardinal Newman HS 2-3
Penicuik HS v. Falkirk HS 9-0
George Heriot’s School v. Broxburn Ac. 2-4
Banff Ac. v. Glenrothes HS 5-1
Inverurie Ac. v. Webster’s HS 4-4 (2-3 pens)
Lochside Ac. v. Nicolson Institute 1-6
St.John’s HS v. St.Paul’s Ac. 0-2
St.Columba’s HS Dunfermline v. Inverkeithing HS 1-2


3rd Round   (by 15th December)

St.Andrew’s Ac. v. Penicuik HS 3-1

Turnbull HS v. Eastwood HS 9-3

Williamwood HS v. Denny HS 0-3

Cardinal Newman HS v. Clydebank HS 1-5

Lornshill Ac. v. St.Peter the Apostle HS 3-0

Broxburn Ac. v. Inverkeithing HS 6-2

St.Paul’s Ac. v. Banff Ac. 0-7

Webster’s HS v. Nicolson Institute 2-1


4th Round   (by 26th January)

Turnbull HS v. Lornshill Ac. 6-4

Clydebank HS v. St.Andrew’s Ac. 1-5 

Webster’s HS v. Denny HS 1-1 (6-5 pens) 

Broxburn Ac. v. Banff Ac. 5-4



Webster’s HS v. Turnbull HS 1-3   (Mon 25 March, Meggetland, Edinburgh, 2.00) 

Broxburn Ac. v. St.Andrew’s Ac. 4-1    (Tues 19 March, Jock Stein Centre, Hamilton, 1.30)



Turnbull HS v. Broxburn Ac. 0-7  (Tues 28 May, Petershill Juniors FC, 5.00)