Quicklinks – August 2023

Quicklinks provides an update on Scottish Schools F.A. activities. It includes action points and important information for all those involved in schools’ football

Please forward it to all SFA LIVE system users in your school and/or Association as appropriate.


SSFA Affiliation Link

The SFA have made significant changes to the SFA LIVE system which provides you with essential access to registration, affiliation, coach education etc.

These changes were introduced as of June 15th 2022.

If you have not already done so, you will need to update your access and personal contact details (use the link above). The SSFA recommends that in doing so, wherever possible, you continue to use:

  • your personal school-based e-mail address
  • your school’s postal address
  • your school’s telephone number.

Whether you wish, in addition, to provide your personal mobile number is a matter for each individual to decide. No other information is required of you by the SSFA.


All Schools and Local Associations playing schools football are required to affiliate either as:

  • Members – Schools and Associations entering SSFA competitions (see note below)
  • Associate Members – those playing Local Association football only.

Please note, schools must be affiliated as Members for their players to be considered for selection for the SSFA National Schoolboy/girl Scotland squads.

All Members and Associate Member schools are required to:

  • register all players, coaches, support staff and volunteers in a regulated role.
  • identify a School Football Rep (click here for updated remit School Rep Remit)

On registering school pupils only fill in the required fields ie.* first name/*surname/*date of birth/*gender. The school address may be added but not required. No further personal information on pupils should be provided. Pupils, nevertheless, may also be registered as players with clubs and in this circumstance a home address will have been added by a club.

All Local Associations are required to:

  • register coaches and officials, including a named Association Secretary.

Action Required: Entries to all school and SSFA competitions are now open. Closing date for entries is Friday 25th August 2023.

Girls’ Competition for Local Associations.

A new inter-association competition for U 18 girls, the Senior Girls’ National Cup, was introduced last season (2022/23). If Local Associations wish to sign up for this competition this season, please tick U18 Girls on the competition entry list on SFA Live when affiliating.

Child Wellbeing Training for Teaching Staff and Volunteers in a Regulated Role

While Schools and Local Authorities have procedures in place for staff and volunteers in a regulated role involved in school based activities including football, the Scottish Football Association would advise any member of staff or volunteer in a regulated role to undertake the SFA’s online training in Child Wellbeing which can be found on the SSFA website at https://scottishschoolsfa.co.uk/coach-education/

It may be of interest to you to know that some of our member schools’ senior pupils have completed the SFA’s on-line Child Protection training as part of various qualifications including the Saltire Award and Sports Leadership Award.

Some Useful Links

Scottish Schools F.A. Constitution https://scottishschoolsfa.co.uk/constitution/

Job Description of the SSFA School Football Representative

The Scottish Schools F.A. Code of Conduct – The Spirit of the Game

SFA Guidance on Heading Practice on the SSFA website at https://scottishschoolsfa.co.uk/coach-education/

SFA’s online training regarding Mental Health in Scottish Football