Changes to login at SFALive

On the 15 June 2022, the Scottish FA are updating the SFA Live / Football Admin online system

As part of this process, the SFA will require all users of the Football Admin System to update their account from the 15 June 2022. This will not affect the current access you have, or the data already stored in your account.

This will mean on 15 June 2022 the login page will change temporarily for all users, to allow them to update their account:

As part of this update from the 15 JUNE 2022, all users are required to update their account, confirming a preferred unique individual email address, and create a new password for logging in.

This will mean every user will now be required to have a unique individual email address for logging in and will no longer be able to share for example a club email address, for login.

To assist you with this process on the 15 JUNE 2022 the SFA will provide online access through the FA website, the following:

  • Online ‘How to’ video guide
  • Online ‘How to’ user guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)