Acts of Kindness Week Begins Today

Whenever we think of people who are no longer with us or who have helped us at some point one of the first things, we often say to describe them is ‘they were kind’.

Kindness is infectious – but in a good way! A single act of kindness sends out ripples.

Given the events of the last two years, we would like your help to spread some kindness and smiles.

You can help us by participating in the Scottish Schools’ FA Pass It On, Random Acts of Kindness week.

Over the course of this week 8th – 13th November (World Kindness Day) we are hoping you will join us in doing some Small Act of Kindness (the best ones are ones that cost nothing but mean a lot to others i.e. smiling at someone, giving someone a compliment, making someone a cup of tea or leaving someone a thank you note).

Our First Act of Kindness

Postman Derek receiving an Act of Kindness on behalf of the Linlithgow Depot

Our first Act of Kindness was International Teams Secretary Les Donaldson passing some Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers to his local postman, as a thank you, for continuing to deliver the mail all through the pandemic.

We look forward to seeing your acts of kindness by sharing them with us on twitter @sschoolsfa